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OCS Brochure Wellhead Benefits
OCS Brochure
Wellhead Benefits
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The OCS Operation

OCS Oil Country Services Ltd. has brought together state of the art technology and the most experienced people to create the best in Onsite Inspection Service for the Oil & Gas Industry.

OCS Oil Country Services Ltd. is an established Onsite Tubing Inspection Company serving Western Canada.

Oil Country Services Ltd's Health and Safety Program meets and exceeds industry standards. We are registered with Enform, ISNetWorld and HSE Canada.ca.

Inspection Services

  • Tubing inspections
  • Rig floor and yard inspections
  • Visual thread inspection
  • Full length drift inspection
  • Slant Well Inspection

OCS utilizes state of the art Computerized Artis-4 T.T.I.S. Our Inspection Technology with a state of the art wellhead inspection system that provides the following benefits:

  • Can detect localized wall loss such as large holes, pitting and corrosion/erosion
  • 100% non-contact no shoes
  • Electromagnetic Technology
  • 360 Degree coverage
  • Designed to detect lengthy longitudinal areas such as rod wear
  • T.T.I.S. is designed to inspect for Longitudinal Thru-Wall Splits/Holes